Consulting Services

High quality in-silico toxicity testing and report preparing services performed by our experts for you.

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Consulting is cost effective

Consulting is a cost effective option when the number of chemicals to be tested per year is few and purchase of one of our software licenses is not justified. As an added benefit, consulting reports also contain result interpretation and explanations. All our programs, models and dictionaries are available for consulting.

Service Levels

Basic Consulting
Submit to us the chemical structure (SMILES, MOL file etc.) and receive computer output files. Email and phone consultation is provided to help you in interpreting the results.
Consulting with Brief Report
A written summary detailing methodology and results in addition to the Basic Consulting service with Email and phone support.
Consulting with Detailed Report
In addition to the above two services, a written report is provided giving a full expert interpretation of toxicity prediction, structure of toxicity alerts, role of global properties such as LogP.  The report can be used as a part of a regulatory submission. Email and phone support is provided.


Use our consulting for ICH M7 compliance

Our consulting services are a great way to evaluate your drugs, chemicals, impurities and metabolites for their genotoxic potential and fulfil the requirements outlined in ICH M7 guidelines.

We use models built and validated by US FDA

We use models that are developed within Collaborative Research Agreements (CRADA) with FDA and CFSAN. The models that we use in our consulting services are being used and frequently updated by these agencies.

Over 450 models available

Consulting services are available for endpoints such as mutagenicity, carcinogenicity, teratogenicity, cardiotoxicity, kidney and liver toxicity. Learn more ›

Affordable and secure

Our consulting services are very cost effective for customers whose occasional testing needs may not justify purchasing full software license. We also take confidentiality and security very seriously.