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Licensing Options


Both Statistical Alerts and Expert Rules are supported

CASE Ultra version and above supports both Statistical Alert based models and Expert Rule based predictions. We have released a Expert rule-based system for predicting bacterial mutagenicity. This is in compliance with the ICH M7 recommendation to test a chemical with two QSAR methodologies, i.e. statistical and expert rule based. Learn more ›

Flexible software licensing options

Our software licensing options are flexible and come with competitive pricing. We understand that every customer’s need is different and the licensing options are designed accordingly. Learn more ›

Excellent consulting services

We provide consulting services to customers who want us to evaluate their chemicals and generate reports with expert comments and review. If you have just a few chemicals to evaluate or want to get a taste of the results of our software before purchasing a full license, consulting services are the best option. Learn more ›

Great customer service

We provide support for our software programs free of charge. We will try to assist you via telephone, email or often using on-line live training or support. Contact us ›